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It’s “White Mama” Margaret Markov! This Cult Actress Fought With “Black Mama” Pam Grier!

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When Pam Grier stars in a movie, the tough yet beautiful protagonist tends to be a lot like Pam Grier, the person, and Grier's forceful presence lingers in the mind more than any details of the plot.

  • Denver wasn't an easy town for Grier, her experience perhaps later informing her on-screen portrayals of no-nonsense heroines.

  • I was doing it then! Pam Grier has gone by a lot of names other than Pam Grier: Foxy Brown, Coffy, Friday Foster, Sheba, Jackie Brown.

#VintageVixxen Of The Week : Pam Grier (PHOTOS INSIDE NSFW)

They were not comfortable with showing a progressive black female in an action role.

  • She does voice-over work for both Call Of Duty and Grand Theft Auto, and she joins a legendary throwback cast in pre-production for a movie I will undoubtedly see at some point called… Old School Gangstas.

  • Expecting people to turn down work during a time when it was pretty much the only work available to them is demonstrating a severe lack of perspective.